Get To Know Your Roaster
Our story isn’t a typical one. Head roaster, Matthew Land, founded White Bridge Coffee Co. with the simple goal to make great coffee and share it with others. Matthew graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019 and started working a typical 9-5 job with the intent of pursuing a career in the environment, but he decided to shift gears and combine his passion for the environment and coffee and create White Bridge Coffee Co!
His mission is to establish personal relationships with White Bridge’s customers, uphold the highest standards of sustainability, and provide customers with coffees suited to their own unique preferences. Most importantly, we want to share our story and create genuine relationships with our customers. What better way to do it than over coffee?
Premium Coffee, Roasted Just For You
Great coffee doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and that’s ok! While some may crave the intense fruitiness of an Ethiopian light roast, others may love a smooth, chocolaty, and smoky Brazilian dark roast. We aren’t here to tell you what coffee is the best or which one you need to drink. Our goal is to provide you with fresh, high quality coffee beans roasted to suit your unique flavor preferences. In addition to the opportunity to customize your roast, all of our coffee is roast-to-order. What does this mean for you? We roast all orders as we receive them so that you get to enjoy your coffee at its peak. All you have to do is browse coffees, select a roast level, and brew and enjoy your cup!