1. Freshly roasted, whole bean coffee
  2. French Press
  3. Grinder – if possible, use a burr grinder for a more consistent grind and flavor
  4. Scale
  5. Water (room temperature)
  6. Spoon
  7. Pitcher/kettle for pouring the water
  8. Vessel to keep your cold brew in


  1. Weigh out your coffee and then your water. We recommend starting with a 1:7 coffee to water ratio.
  2. Grind your coffee. You’ll want a coarse grind similar to what you would use for a hot French Press. The ground coffee should resemble coarse sea salt.
  3. Place your French Press on the scale, add your coffee, and tare (zero) the scale.
  4. Pour your water into the French Press. Once finished, use your spoon to gently stir the grounds and ensure that all the coffee has made contact with the water.
  5. Place the lid on your French Press (but do not plunge!)
  6. Let it set for 12-13 hours at room temperature. No need to put it in the refrigerator.
  7. Press the plunger down on your French Press and pour out your cold brew into another carafe or vessel.
  8. Enjoy! This recipe yields a concentrate, so we like to add water/ice in a 1:1 ratio with the coffee, but feel free to experiment to suit your tastes. Refrigerate the leftover cold brew to enjoy another time.